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The project

The project

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Web Trains is the information portal webtrains.net and websites linked to it.

Web Trains proposes global rail portals in German, English and French and local rail portals in Germany, Belgium, Canada, Spain, the United States, France, Great Britain, Italy and Switzerland.

>Web Trains also offers services related to railways with LocoTrain, search engine railway; via-train.com to compare train and plane; Azur Trains and Yellow Rail, specialized directories. These tools are available for Europe and North-America, and are being translated into 11 languages.

Values ​​of Web Trains

WebTrains aims to democratize access to railway information, and to transmit the most objective railway culture.

To achieve this, WebTrains account the flexibility of its structure and delivery method, limiting its financial requirements, and thus, confirming its independence, there is no a major donor or advertising for example.

By democratizing access to railway information, Web Trains also revolutionizes the editorial concept which is accessible to all subscribers.

Sustainable Development

Even on the Internet, WebTrains contributes in its own way to a sustainable development. With an editorial system open and accessible to all Web Trains offers a collaborative and citizen information.

From a technical point of view, Web Trains helps to limit its environmental impact by choosing a delivery method only on internet and our computer servers are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

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