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The project

The project

The project

Story of the project

In February 2001, David Herrgott creates Internet site which called "Les Trains", a personal railway website. In September 2001, "Les Trains" site is recalles "Web Trains". But it was only January 28, 2003 that the first news is published on Web Trains. Web Trains is gradually taking the structure of an information railway portal in July 2003 and adopted its current logo.

In May 2005, Web Trains started its first strategic diversification by developing magtrain.com, a newspaper of transport, via-train.com, a train-plane prices-comparator and yellowtrains.com, a world directory of the railway companies. This diversification was horizontal, it makes it possible the project to position in the information of the railroads, urban transportation and air transports. It was also a vertical diversification while opening with the railway newspaper, railway tourism and the railway directory.

End of 2006 Web Trains developed local versions of its railway portal, with the aim to provide local information for local areas, each with an own railway history. To support the development of local portals, the redaction was launched in 2007, a true online collaboration tool for the editors.

Depuis 2008, Web Trains complète à la fois le maillage de ses portails locaux d’information ferroviaire, et le développement de nouvelles activités telles que trans-mag.com, complétant l’offre de veille stratégique de Mag Train à tous les transports et Azur Trains, complétant l’annuaire Yellow Trains aux compagnies ferroviaires touristiques.

In 2011 at 10 years of Web Trains, a new version comes online, with the goal of democratizing access to railway information, regardless of the readership.

In 2015, Web Trains celebrates its fourteen years of presence on the Internet, with a daily-publication on the French information portal.


The micro enterprise created by the founder of Web Trains provided in 2015 analysis of rail issues. It aims to combine several skills: knowledge of the railway sector, institutional expertise, technical and economic modeling tools.

Extracts from these analyzes have been published in specialized magazines and academic journal.

Its founder

David Herrgott was until September 2014 railway research analyst at the GART, spokesman of french transport authorities, and deputy managing director of Fer de France, interbranch of french rail excellence. He also conclude a thesis in collaboration with the University of Strasbourg.

During the European Mobility Exhibition Transports Publics in June 2014, he was named "Best Young Talent" by a panel of journalists from the trade press across Europe.

A micro-entreprise ?

The recent transformation of Web Trains to a small business (micro-entreprise in France) shows no profitability target. It is still considered as a subsidiary occupation compared with the professionals plans of its founder, David Herrgott. Faithful to its origins, Web Trains and remains a personal site with a collaborative vocation.

Between 2009 and 2011, Web Trains has been a small business in order to continue its development. This situation has helped to institutionalize Web Trains. But the evolution of the career of its founder required to separate this activity, which remains a passion.

In 2015, Web Trains was again a small business (micro-entreprise in France) in order to experimenting new ways of investigations, complementary to the current information portal, and in coherence with the professional expertise of its founder.

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